Muzzle Face Mask with Elastic Bands

This is a kind of Hannibal muzzle but quite popular with the people. I also suspect it might be a great silencer of noisy children, haven’t tried it yet in this way, so let me know if you do 🙂 Don’t forget to also check out my tutorial on another Double-layer surgical mask. And if you decide on this homemade muzzle face mask and want to add a filter pocket to it, you can use this tutorial.


Muzzle Face Mask Pattern: There are four sizes – XS-L – all sizes are approximate and I recommend you cut out the pattern and put it on your face to see if it’s not too big or too small. Add 0,5 cm seam allowance on each side. Also, before you print the pattern, make sure the box “Adjust to page” in the print window is unchecked.

It’s much easier to sew this mask with a sewing machine but you can sew in hand as well.

In the previous tutorial I pointed out that the material has to be 100% cotton because of the sterilization. And it is true, especially if you want to donate the mask to a hospital or any other medical facility. However, if you make the mask for yourself, you can replace the lace/string with another material, like an elastic band. It can stand boiling water as well as washing at 95 °C, just make sure the band is rather thick (round or flat) so you don’t need to change it after each washing.

How to Make a Muzzle Face Mask

Print the pattern (remember, with the “Adjust to page” unchecked!) and cut the shape in the desired size twice on the outside fabric and twice on the inside fabric.

Place two shapes right sides together and stitch the round side. Do the same for both layers.

When you open the layers now, you will notice it already has the “muzzle” shape.

Now place both layers right side together.

It’s quite important to pin them, especially the centers of the layers should align.

Stitch three sides, leave one short side open.

Turn the mask right side out through the unstitched side.

Iron well and stitch around all the edges.

Fold the short sides inside just enough to pull an elastic band through the tunnel you create. Stitch.

Pull the elastic band through and stitch its ends together.

Our model wearing the muzzle face mask

Be responsible, wear the face mask whenever you have to go to the public!